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--- Quad Circle is coming soon! Available for pre-order only. ---


Dimensions: (25.375 x 25.375 x 25.375 in)


These panels are molded intentionally to form a 16 square foot shape using four tiles. Visually four of these tiles creates one large dish. Four color options are available:


  • Solid black
  • Charcoal heather
  • Light grey heather
  • Pure White


Drop in compatible with standard 24” square hanging grids 

For new construction, unVerb gives a designer visual choices to transform a grid system in three dimensions. As replacements, previous tiles can stay in place with unVerb simply being installed underneath.


Tiles are 100% non-woven PET fibers. Up to 50% of the material is recycled content. The design, raw material, and manufacturing are domestic from Indiana.


unVerb tiles have the following benefits over traditional alternatives.

  • Flexible and non-breakable: Unlike mineral fiber tiles, these won’t break or drop dust during shipping and installation. The tiles can be bent while lifting above the grid for ease of installation.
  • Mold and Mildew resistant: This offers healthcare, restaurants, and other aesthetic clean environments a peace of mind.
  • Stain resistant and Cleanable: If water or iron stains develop, the tiles do not need replacement.Simpl