Dimensions: (25.375 x 25.375 x 4.375 in)


These panels are flat sheets which will sit above the grid. These are useful for cutting to any partial panel size around your room perimeters during installation, or to provide clearance for sprinkilers and sensors. Four color options for an aesthetically pleasing surface:


  • Solid black
  • Charcoal heather
  • Light grey heather
  • Pure White


Drop in compatible with standard 24” square hanging grids 

For new construction, unVerb gives a designer visual choices to transform a grid system in three dimensions. As replacements, previous tiles can stay in place with unVerb simply being installed underneath.


Tiles are 100% non-woven PET fibers. Up to 50% of the material is recycled content. The design, raw material, and manufacturing are domestic from Indiana.


unVerb tiles have the following benefits over traditional alternatives.

  • Flexible and non-breakable: Unlike mineral fiber tiles, these won’t break or drop dust during shipping and installation. The tiles can be bent while lifting above the grid for ease of installation.
  • Mold and Mildew resistant: This offers healthcare, restaurants, and other aesthetic clean environments a peace of mind.
  • Stain resistant and Cleanable: If water or iron stains develop, the tiles do not need replacement. Simply remove and wash under water. Return to service and tiles will dry. Occupants enjoy a visually cleaner environment with facility maintenance not needing to stock dissimilar tiles for replacement.
  • Acoustic: The simple flat surface tiles achieve an NRC of .75. Shapes will perform better
  • Aesthetically pleasing: The heathering and color choices are distinguishably pleasing.
  • Recycle content: PET is one of the most easily recycled plastics. Up to 50% of the raw material is from recycled content; most commonly from clear water bottles.

Flat Tile (Pack of 10)

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