Flat Tiles

Flat sheets are the baseline building blocks. These have all of the benefits of a molded non-woven PET fiber construction; acoustic performance with style. The flat sheets are easy to cut into partial grid sections and used around the circumference of a room. Our 1" Drop options are molded but continue the flat surface appearance, providing a high-end textured look while maintaining a constant height surface.


Outline with Flat Tiles

Flat tiles are easily cut to shape in order to outline the room or accommodate corners, creating a functional surround that can double as an aesthetically-pleasing frame for interior molded or 1" drop flat tiles. 

Use Flat Tiles for Clearance Needs

The smooth planes of our flat tiles are ideal for use when clearance is needed for sprinkler heads or motion sensors. 


Surround Vents with Flat Tiles

Prevent dust build up by choosing flat tile designs around vents, where dust might otherwise build up on a molded shape.