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a designer line of acoustic tiles 


Made from 100% non-woven PET fibers. Up to 50% of the material is recycled content. 

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Natural, non-treated acoustic design achieves a .75 NRC rating.

Safe & clean

Class A rating for fire & smoke.  Mold & mildew resistant. Stain-Resistant and washable.

Easy installation

Flexible materials increase durability. 

Drops into existing grid systems.

Reduced sound, increased style

Transform any space by incorporating acoustic ceiling tiles with trend-forward design. Our aesthetically-pleasing, sound-damping tiles can be installed into any standard drop-ceiling grid. Residential or commercial, reduce reverberation with unVerb in work environments, educational settings, convention centers, hospitals, libraries, home theaters, basements and more. 

  •  Residential

  • Work Spaces

  • Hospitality

  • Education Spaces

  • Convention Centers

  • Presentation Halls

Creating Happier, Healthier Spaces

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